Outer Earth: A Strategic Space Development Card Game

Created by Paul Tseng

Outer Earth: A Strategic Space Development Card Game
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483 backers pledged C$26,763.77 on Kickstarter

Establish yourself as one of the leaders in the terraforming industry by buying, building on, and selling planets for human habitation.

Raised in Kickstarter
C$26,763.77 / 483 backers
Raised in BackerKit
C$1,510.00 / 478 backers
Estimated Shipping Date: August 2015
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The Game
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Learn About Our Project:

“I don’t think there is anybody who has seen more of these kind of games than I have, this is all new.”
- Mike Selinker President, Lone Shark Games

“The design is really strong and I think it really helps me understand why everything is here and how to use it.”
- Max Temkin Co-Founder, Cards Against Humanity 

“The mechanics just worked extremely well, it’s one of those rare cases where they just married up perfectly.”
- Sean Howard host of Gamers Remorse

"This jumps out because it’s not a generic sci-fi style of art."
- Chris Rowlands Host, NPCCast

"What eurogame has paddles and pipes."
- Mike Trotzke Co-Founder, Sproutbox | Founder, Red Army Games

The terraform era has finally dawned on mankind.

In Outer Earth, each player controls a development company trying to establish themselves as leaders of the terraform industry by buying, building on, and selling planets for human habitation.

To turn opportunities into profitable victory points, players must practise lean resource management, shrewd strategic planning and gutsy foresight. The game ends when either the planets or bonus opportunities run out. 

The player with the most victory points wins.

  • Variable Game Length: At the beginning of the game, players can set up the game to be either a short (10min per player) or normal (20min per player) length game. The short game is great for new players to get familiar with the game.

  • Simultaneous Bidding: Players bid against each other in the galactic market to obtain the rights to build on planets. Planets have different attributes that affect company abilities and development capacities.

  • Dual Purpose Cards: Development cards are used for both buying and building on planets.

  • Pipeline System: All developments played on planets must connect to each other by following the cascading pipeline system.

  • Company Boost: Some planets provide additional benefits to company stats after they are sold. These benefits include either 1. an increase in the draw, build and/or launch attribute, or 2. a temporary worker.

"It's good to see Outer Earth's game designer intent on providing an excellent rulebook by getting a professional editor to take a look at their rules. I can guarantee you will be receiving a game with a quality rulebook that you can use to learn and start playing right away!"

      - Erik Capps from Rulebook Review


A disclaimer that the game and component have changed (and improved) since this preview video. The most recent version of Outer Earth can be found in the rulebook above.

Orbital ($200) and Universal ($500) components:Limited-edition plywood Company Boards (engraved with your logo/name!) and Bidding Paddles.

 3D-Printed space cow that is hand painted and finished.

$70 - Grid Poster

We ship a poster with all 30 of the illustrations in Outer Earth laid out in a matrix grid. It will have the designer and illustrator's name + the Outer Earth logo.

 $65 Level - Single Poster

You will get to pick ONE of the 30 images and receive a 16x16 poster with the selected image. There will be no branding of the Outer Earth logo or creators on this poster.

Can I add a poster to any pledge level?
YES! To add a poster to your existing pledge, increase your pledge level according to the type of poster (single or grid) and the number of posters you want. At the end of the Kickstarter, I will send out a survey verifying your order.

Example: If you have an Art Direct pledge ($150) and want 2 single posters (2 x $30) and 1 Grid poster ($35), your pledge would be 150 + 30 + 30 + 35 = $245

What is the poster quality?
The posters will be printed on an archival, acid free heavyweight matte paper stock.

Are there any additional shipping costs?
Since I will be using a Print on Demand service, you might have to pay customs fees on orders outside of the United States. However when pledging for a poster, everyone (US, INT', EU) pledges the same amounts ($30 and $35).

How are they shipped?
They will be rolled up and shipped in super-durable tubes!

The Kickstarter goal will fund an initial print run of 1000 units for Outer Earth. It includes shipping, basic distribution (in Canada + US), artwork and mandatory fees.

To ship Outer Earth, we will use a service called ShipNaked (a service used by Game Salute) and distribute the game through two different warehouse locations.

The first location will be in the US (that will ship worldwide excluding the US).

The second location makes the game EU friendly by shipping within the UK.

When adding an additional game to your pledge, add $35 for each additional copy of the game for a maximum of 10 games.

When the Kickstarter ends in November, we will have the resources to begin the completion of the digital files of Outer Earth. We will send and approve final proofs from prospective manufacturers by the beginning of 2015, allowing us to initiate production in March 2015. For optimal distribution to backers, the game will ship to two different warehouse locations. We expect the game to be in your hands by Early Fall 2015.

I started developing Outer Earth when I first heard about Cards Against Humanity's 2013 Tabletop Deathmatch. After being selected as one of the 16 finalists, I went to GenCon in the hopes of getting Outer Earth published.

While I did not get selected to win, the whole experience of meeting people in the board game industry was powerful and inspiring. It gave me incredible motivation to continue developing the game. Since GenCon 2013, every game element has been scrutinized, playtested and redrawn multiple times. Though the game has truly evolved from its humble beginnings, the essence of the game has not changed. The result? Outer Earth finally plays like the game I envisioned it to be a year ago, and it's much simpler and better than before.

My intentions are to keep improving Outer Earth up until the files are sent to the manufacturer. Although things might shift around ever-so-slightly until the very end, I am fully committed to delivering the best version of my game, Outer Earth, to you.

To provide the illustrations for the game, I have collaborated with Daniel Orellana; a friend, illustrator and a budding game developer (like myself!). He has been a part of the Toronto indie videogame development scene for a while, and Outer Earth will be his first illustration job for a boardgame. Working side-by-side with Daniel, we have created a utopian futuristic setting to bring to life the realities of terraforming to the game.

Check out a sample of the awesome game art below!

If you want to test out the game before committing, try the Print and Play found below. Watch the video below for instructions as to what you need and how you assemble the PnP. Some features include:

  • Runs perfectly with the latest version of the rulebook.
  • Designed for ease of cutting and assembly.
  • Optimized to reduce ink coverage.

Rulebook for digital viewing
Rulebook for double sided booklet printing
Print and Play file

The physical copy will include a rulebook in English, however there are a few backers that are willing to translate the rulebook into different languages. All of these translations will occur AFTER the Kickstarter is done and the rulebook is finalized.
We currently have these languages lined up:

  • Portuguese
  • Italian
  • Mandarin
  • Spanish

Even though I (Paul Tseng) attempt to do most if not all of the avenues of Outer Earth myself, I have realized that there are three people that have helped me tremendously and I consider them a part of the team.

Whenever I need help in video, copywriting or general game design, I know that my sister (Fei-Ling Tseng) is there to bounce ideas off.

My girlfriend (Justine Wong) has endured my year long endeavour, supported me at GenCon and motivated me to make the best game possible.

My fellow friend and game designer (Daniel Orellana) has brought an artistic style to Outer Earth that really brings the game to life.

We are all based in Toronto, check us out below :D

Paul Tseng
Website | Twitter  Game + Graphic Designer

Daniel Orellana
Twitter  Illustrator

Fei-Ling Tseng
Website | Twitter  Helper #1

Justine Wong
Website | Twitter  Helper #2

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